Monday, September 22, 2008

Far From Adequate... But Thank You!

Beloved brethren:

As someone who works with words in writing sermons and writing and editing religious articles, I cannot find the words to adequately express the love and appreciation that we have for you, our brethren in Christ. You have been most generous and we sincerely thank you for the calls, cards, letters, and the financial contributions. I know this note is far less than adequate but we truly do give our heartfelt thanks to you and we give thanks to our God for you.

You have come to our aid, and as Paul wrote to the Philippian brethren, "the things which were sent from you, an odor of a sweet smell, a sacrifice acceptable, wellpleasing to God" (Phillippians 4:18).

Thank you once again. May He bless you and grant you peace.

In Christ Who Saves,
Jimmie & Linda Hill

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Stat News

Just today the number of baptisms reported to us by our teachers and students crossed the 14,000 mark. 14,006! Isn't that fantastic?!

Friday, September 5, 2008


Here are some pictures of Cole just because . . . .

It's Sticker Boy!!!

Can you see me now?

Grandparents don't really need a reason to brag on their grandkids, do they?


Thursday, September 4, 2008

September 2008 Report

Dear Christian Friend,

It is rare for a month to pass without something exciting happening around the Truth for the World office, and August was no exception.

John Grubb was excited when he checked the Chinese website statistics. People from 232 different cities in China have now been to the site to read materials, in addition to many other nations around the world. He was also pleased that the requests for Chinese materials and contacts have increased substantially.

Dave Komisak and Benjamin Richardson both got excited while taping a television program. One of the lights in the studio suddenly exploded! Fortunately, both were able to keep their cool (it was right over Dave’s control station) and Benjamin continued talking so the show went on. In fact, if you are watching a program in the next few weeks that has a sudden flash of bright light, don’t blame your TV station.

Everyone on the staff is excited because our old CD “Six Minutes for Six Billion Souls” is being redone. It will have a new title, “Will You Help Broadcast the Gospel to Billions?” and be available on CD within the next few days, and on DVD shortly after that.

We received a report from one of our teachers in Ghana that was exciting. 52 of his Bible correspondence course students were baptized recently, and another 6 were restored. We love getting letters like that one!

Unfortunately, the month of September began with some major excitement as well. Ellen Mills, one of the secretaries, stumbled over a chair in the office. She put out a hand to try to break her fall, and broke her right arm instead. Ellen is diabetic and the shock sent her system into a tailspin so we quickly dialed 911. The EMTs started her on an IV and took her to the hospital in the ambulance. Ellen is home recovering now, but we hope to never have any other days like that one. That was a little TOO exciting.

We pray that your days are going well.

Staff of Truth for the World