Thursday, October 9, 2008

October Report

Dear Christian Friend,

September had many of the typical office events - such as when the copy machine went berserk and spewed paper everywhere. And a few of the not so typical - such as the huge excavation equipment on the property next door clearing land for construction and creating red clouds of dust. Our broadcast studio has a sound-proof rating greater than most commercial TV studios yet we learned that when the building shakes to the point of rattling the microphones then we still have a noise problem when taping programs.

Printing purchased a "new to us" used Riso HC5000 duplicator to replace our old Gestetner that had greatly exceeded its expected lifespan. We are still having woes with our printing press so this addition should be a great help.

A quick update on some health concerns for our staff. Jimmie Hill, who had surgery in July for thyroid cancer, spent most of September preparing for the radiated iodine treatment designed to kill any remaining cancer cells in his body. He was finally able to take this on October 2nd and immediately went into the 7 days of complete isolation stipulated by his doctor. Ellen Mills, who fell and broke her arm in the office on September 3rd, learned a few days later that she had also crushed bone in her wrist and needed surgery. The damage turned out to be more extensive than even the doctor was expecting so the surgery lasted almost 6 hours and required a metal plate and pins to put her back together. After the pins are removed in October she will need physical therapy. Please remember both of these staff members in your prayers that they may soon have complete recoveries.

Enclosed you will find a brochure on our upcoming Mission Forum "Revive Us Again". Please think of this as your personal invitation to join us November 14 - 16, 2008. There should be some interesting report and great food, but even more important is the fellowship with other brethren who are also vitally concerned about mission work. We hope you can join us for this weekend event.

May the Lord bless you and our work together.

Staff at Truth for the World

You are invited to our 15th Mission Forum!

What -
The Theme is "Revive Us Again"

When -

November 14 - 16, 2008

Where -
Duluth Church of Christ
3239 Duluth Highway
Duluth, Georgia

Who -

The speakers will be Skip Andrews, Gary Atwater, Michael Barclay,
John Grubb, Denton Landon, and Benjamin Richardson.

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