Thursday, March 12, 2009

Update on Iceland

Our preparations for Iceland continue but there have been a couple of changes so I thought I would pass along the latest.

Our campaign group has finally gelled at 4 members - William & Katrece Howard, Jimmie & me. Originally, there were several others interested in joining this effort but were not able to do so.
The airline tickets have been purchased, the accomodations booked, and we've figured out who is going to teach what - so all of the plans are coming together. We had to move up our departure by 2 days in order to secure the cheapest airfare so we now leave on April 14th and get back to Georgia on the 29th.

We will be working in the city of Reykjavik but staying in Kefflavik a few miles away because accomodations are substantially cheaper.

Being prepared for the weather has been a large concern for this campaign. The average high in April is around 42 degrees, but the island can be extremely windy. With the windchill 42 can feel like it's in the teens .

This satellite photo of the island makes it easy to understand where Iceland got its name!

But there are many gorgeous Icelandic photos on the web, so it promises to also be a beautiful country.

I'll keep you posted. Please keep this campaign effort in your prayers.

- Linda

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