Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 2010 Report

Dear Brethren,

In our work with International Bible Teaching Ministries, it is our pleasure to travel and meet and make new friends and acquaintances within our wonderful brotherhood. Part of our work is informing the brethren of IBTM and raising funds for the various aspects of the work. We raise funds for postage, printing Bible tracts, bicycles, food and clothing for the preaching students, books for the schools of preaching and books for our use in the International College of the Bible. We also raise funds for our salaries. All of these things, and more, are necessary for our work together of taking the Gospel of Christ to the lost and dying of the world. (If you could just send $100-$300 for any of these items, it will be greatly appreciated and used to the glory of our God.)

Since my return from Africa in late August, Linda and I have been doing just that! Along with my duties involved in serving as an elder for the New Hope Road Church of Christ, we have traveled to a number of various places for the work’s sake. (It is great to be able to mix both business and pleasure.)

  • August 27–September 2: We had the pleasure to attend Polishing the Pulpit. It was our first time and was a marvelous experience and we were certainly edified by being there among so many faithful brethren.
    The group from New Hope Road minus three.
  • September 16 - We left for Sardis, Mississippi to pick up our grandson, Cole, so he could spend a few days with us and attend the Youth Day at New Hope Road.
  • September 18 – We spent the day at our Youth Day and had a good attendance for the event. The speakers for the Youth Day were brothers Adam Cozort, Carl Jenkins, and Gary Young (from Australia). It was truly a great day for the youngsters and the oldsters alike.
  • September 26-October 1 – Linda and I attended Roundhouse. Roundhouse is an annual home school fellowship for members of the Church of Christ. This event takes place at Bonclarken in Flat Rock, North Carolina.
    Jimmie and Adam Cozort performing a song at Roundhouse.
  • October 8,9 – I went deer hunting in Heard County, Georgia.
  • October 10-14 – Brother Dennis Curd, from Christianburg, Virginia, was with us at New Hope Road for a Gospel meeting. Brother Curd delivered an excellent series of messages concerning “The Will of God.”
  • October 16 – Linda and I were back in Sevierville, Tennessee to attend the wedding of our nephew, Brian Bichard.
  • October 17 – Linda and I worshipped with the Crandull Church of Christ in Shady Valley, Tennessee. I had the opportunity to present the work of IBTM there and we enjoyed a great day of fellowship with those wonderful brethren.
  • October 20-24 – We attended the 40th Annual Mission Forum of the Forest Park Church of Christ in Morrow, Georgia. The New Hope Road congregation is supporting Jeremiah and Amanda McCarver in their work in the South Pacific Islands. The elders of the New Hope Road congregation were asked to come and take part in the South Pacific Round-Table Discussion.
  • October 31 – On This Sunday we are scheduled to be with the good brethren at the Elijay Church of Christ. It will be good to see our long-time friend, Cleah Boaz. Linda will be speaking to the Ladies Class and I will address the combined Men’s Class. The topic will be “Evangelism at Home and Abroad.”
  • November 28 – It is tentatively planned for us to be with the Bethlehem Church of Christ in Lebanon, Tennessee. The brethren there asked us to come and speak concerning the work of IBTM. We look forward to being with David and Janice Horn, friends from our former home school days.

I have only raised $600.00 of the $3,500.00 needed for the borehole (fresh water well) in Fakwasi, Ghana. If you can possibly help with this most important project with a $25, $50, $100, or greater, donation, please do so.

If you are receiving a paper copy of this newsletter but have an email address, please let us know. Postal rates are out of sight and sending this report via email would help us to cut postage cost tremendously.

I am still about $2,000.00 short of my monthly needs. If you can help support me in this work, or know anyone else who can, please let me know and I will be glad to go to them and present the work.

Thanks to all who support the work of Jimmie and Linda Hill. Please know that we consider this as our work together for our Lord and, without you, we could not do what we do. We need you, the brethren overseas need you, and our Lord needs you. May He bless you richly.

In Christ Who Saves,
Jimmie B.Hill

Greetings from Georgia!

The autumn leaves may not be as brilliant as I would like, but the nip in the air feels wonderful . . . a good thing since our fall schedule has kept us running.

I was anticipating loads of free time when I resigned from TFTW and had several writing projects lined up that I wanted to do. They are still waiting. Instead I have been helping Jimmie with Hill Mission chores, learning more about websites for IBTM, and traveling. Polishing the Pulpit was terrific – I especially appreciated the practical, nuts & bolts lessons during the week – but even more terrific was that 13 of us from New Hope Road went together and shared a cabin in the woods. Roundhouse is always a joy because it brings together so many dear friends. But as a grandmother I have to admit that the highlight of my fall was having two weeks with Cole. There’s nothing like a 4-year-old to keep you laughing.

There has been no progress on selling our home and the current realtor contract expires this week, so we are taking it off the market for a short time. I’m having knee-replacement surgery on December 14th and recuperation will be easier if I don’t have to worry about folks viewing the house at the same time. I would appreciate your prayers for a good outcome.

In Christian love,
Linda Hill


Tom said...

Jimmie, I want to see the video of you at the Roundhouse! Looks like a lot of fun!

BTW, we have just got our website up and have your blog linked!


In His service,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all your travels. I am so thankful for your faithfulness to God and His Word. Sounds like y'all have really been busy. Would love to see you both. Maybe we can get together sometime next year. Sounds like you are planning on a fun Dec. LOL! Take care and know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Love ya, Angela