Wednesday, February 15, 2012


When Jimmie had thyroid cancer back in 2008 his doctors were spread all over the map.  This time not only have all of his specialists been in the same area, they have been in the exact same building.  We have driven there so often that I think our little Ford could make the trip blindfolded.  The only decision we've been forced to make each visit has been which button to push on the elevator.

But today the list of specialists dwindled to ONE.  The pulmonary doctor told Jimmie that he had graduated.  Yesterday's x-rays showed that the fluid that had been in his lungs since they collapsed during surgery is now completely gone.  Yeah!!  Jimmie was expecting the release.  He had not had the pleurisy chest pain in several days - not even after having chemo #10 on Monday.  Double Yeah!!

- Linda


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