Friday, November 16, 2012


I was on my way to Bible class Wednesday night when two cars crashed right in front of me.  I was stopped at a red light waiting to cross a busy highway when I heard the collision and saw one of the cars sliding in my direction.  Three thoughts flashed very quickly -

  • I was about to be hit
  • It's  true - Highway 316 really is the most dangerous road in Georgia
  • Life is short and can end without warning
Fortunately, the sliding car stopped several feet away from me so I was only touched by their headlights.  But I was left wondering about the driver as the two girls from the other car (the one that T-boned this car) came rushing up, and immediately backed away as they grabbed a cell phone.  Obviously, the driver of the car they hit was in much worse condition than they were.  Other drivers directly on the highway stopped to help so when the way cleared and my line of traffic moved I continued on to Bible class.  But thoughts about that injured driver stuck with me.

Life really is short and can end without warning.  The world likes to forget that.  Sometimes, we all like to forget that.  But that is one thing we must never ignore because eternity is forever.  

Forever.  I cannot begin to fathom just how long that is - I just have to keep in mind that we continue after this physical life ends.  That's a wonderful idea if we are living our lives in obedience to God.  That's a terrifying idea if we are not.  And sometimes it is just plain confusing if we think we are pleasing God but have gotten wrapped up in denominational doctrines that have distorted God's pure Word.  God condemns that repeatedly in the Scriptures, reminding us to never change His Word in any way.  

If you are reading this and are not sure where you stand then, please, do something about it.  The International Bible Teaching Ministries  website has many materials available.  Clicking on any of the following links will take you there:

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