Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I love words.  I love reading them, writing them and putting them into poetry.  I'm not real keen on speaking them aloud before a crowd of people but barring an audience, I love playing with words. Yet after I wrote my last post in February I really thought perhaps I had written enough words on this blog.  That one happened to be #300 so it seemed a nice round number and a place to stop.  Then recently I happened upon the traffic stats for this site and realized that more people are continuing to come here than I expected.  I either need to close this site completely or start writing again.  I guess I'll go back to playing with words.

This year I have had two main missions.  First and foremost of course is my work with International Bible Teaching Ministries.  IBTM is now starting its 9th year as a mission effort and I am just barely into my 5th year with it.  When I started volunteering my time in 2010 to get tracts, articles and Bible correspondence courses uploaded to a new website I never anticipated how quickly that site would grow.  Today I am expecting to see the 250,000th visitor for this year alone, but we are close to having 1,000,000 since the IBTM and ICOTB websites opened in January of 2011.  Wow! We have also had more than 20,000 people enroll in our correspondence courses since then.  The work has grown rapidly and continues to grow so it is exciting being a part of it.  But reporting on what I do . . . not so much.  I assign students to teachers, manage the websites, handle email, upload new materials and do a variety of clerical tasks.  Those things don't exactly make for thrilling reading so I'm often at a loss when it comes to reporting on my work.  But they are necessary things to keep the work going and I love that I am dealing with souls.

You can read the newest newsletter and learn about some of the many things IBTM is doing by clicking here.

My second part-time mission is also exciting - Essential Oils.  I have been learning as much as I can about them and the more I learn the more I am amazed.  God placed these wonderful liquids in the plants when He created them and when they are removed carefully so that they retain the properties He put into them they are incredible.  Essential oils have made a huge impact on my wellness.  So now I want to share with others about these oils and how they can support the body. As Christians we can do so much more for the Lord's cause if we are strong and healthy.  If you want to know more about essential oils then ask me in a comment, include your email address and I will get in touch.  I also have a public Facebook page that has tips and info at this link:  Essentials for Life YL.  

My only regret with essential oils is not learning about them years earlier.

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