Thursday, December 4, 2008

December 2008 Report

Dear Christian Friend,

The first day of December brought snow flurries to Duluth, which created a stir of excitement, but November brought its own flurry of activity around the office.

We have a small staff and depend heavily on our wonderful volunteers, so when Charlotte Archer called from Alabama to say she was coming for a week, we were thrilled. Charlotte teaches with the public school system, but this fall holiday she worked at some very different tasks. Another volunteer, Emma Evans, taught Charlotte the intricacies of packing M-bags, one of our most difficult volunteer jobs both physically and mentally. Between the two of them they shipped more than 1,000 pounds of Gospel literature overseas.

Our 15th Mission Forum came and went without a hitch. There were interesting reports on the work being accomplished in the icy North (Russia, Iceland, and Minnesota), the deep South (Georgia), the far East (Singapore), all across the Spanish-speaking nations of Latin America, and those who speak Chinese around the world. We want to thank all of our scheduled speakers – Skip Andrews, Gary Atwater, Michael Barclay, John Grubb, Jimmie Hill, Denton Landon, and Benjamin Richardson – and those who gave campaign mission reports – Lee Davis, William Howard, and Mike Underwood – for a great forum. We are already making plans for next year’s event so we hope you will be here.

November also brought one bit of disturbing news. Our largest monthly supporter notified us they must make drastic cuts to their 2009 budget. This will hit our General Fund hard. Since the General Fund donations are split between the various departments, all phases of our work will be affected. But we have learned how to do a lot with a little and we know that God will provide. We do ask for your prayers, however, that our work together will not be hindered.

As 2008 is about to close we want you to know how grateful we are for your continued, faithful support. May the Lord bless you during this holiday season and may we all bring more glory to God in 2009.

John Grubb, Jimmie & Linda Hill,
William & Katrece Howard, Dave Komisak, Ellen Mills,
Benjamin Richardson, Kristen Underwood
Staff of
Truth for the World

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