Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Before and After

Remember the flood we had last summer just days before Jimmie had his cancer surgery?

And some of the aftermath?

Well, we have FINALLY finished replacing the damaged floors and walls the water left behind.
I promised pictures, so here is a short tour.

Before the flood we had bamboo laminate in the living room. We tried hard to salvage what we could of it since the hallway was not touched,

but our previous flooring had been discontinued so we could not purchase the additional amount needed to just repair the foyer. Sadly, it all had to go.

Now we have carpet in the living room and hall, and hardwood in the foyer.

It was Jimmie's first time installing wood flooring, but he did a great job!

I must admit that carpet is softer to walk on than laminate, so I'm adjusting pretty well to the change.

The wall between the living room and kitchen was pretty ripped up, and we knew we could never mud a patch job that would look anything more than a patch job.

Then Jimmie came up with a great idea!

We replaced the wall board with paneling and a chair rail that wraps around the breakfast bar.

The rail and baseboard still has to be stained and varnished - my job - but I love it!

The kitchen was completely submerged for many hours so not only was the linoleum destroyed but also the baseboards and some of the wall board.

No wonder our grandson, Cole, called this is a messy floor!

It looks just a tad better now!

Jimmie had hoped to do most if not all of the work (other than laying the carpet) himself. But that was not possible due to the slow recovery from surgery and radiation, so we hired a contractor for a good portion of it. Still, there was plenty of work for Jimmie and me just running to Lowe's for supplies and clearing the rooms. And now, we get to move it all back!

Thank you again to everyone who helped us with prayers, cards, hugs, phone calls, and financial help during a very difficult year.

- Linda


Anonymous said...

The floors look great. I love the new tile in the kitchen. I would like to redo ours. Maybe someday. We are thankful to God He has taken such wonderful care of you both. Take care and know we love and miss you, Bathroom Bandit

Linda Hill said...

Actually, it's still vinyl made to look like tile.