Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October 2009 Report

Dear Christian Friend,

School is back in session so it’s time for a pop quiz -
  • Did you notice that our nation count went up? Greenland makes 222! This ice-capped land of 57,600 souls is about 3 times the size of Texas and thus the world’s largest island. Located in the Arctic Circle north of Canada it has a harsh climate mixed with spectacular beauty. Greenlanders are mostly Lutheran and speak East Inuit as their official language. Most are also Internet savvy so please pray that this open door will lead to the Lord’s church being planted here.
  • Did you hear about the floods in the Atlanta area? Well, they swept across Gwinnett County as well, and right into our building. Ellen Mills was forced to evacuate her office during the deluge so it was a scramble to empty a spot and move her to dry ground. The carpet has been ripped up and repairs are underway, so hopefully we can get her out of that storage room soon.
  • Did you read our newest stats? Our teachers have reported that at least 275 new congregations of the Lord’s church have begun because of our work together – 50 of them in 2009!
  • Did you know that two of our staff members have cancer? Ellen Mills, receptionist, had surgery in September but the pathology determined they did not remove all of it. She will be returning to the hospital on October 15th for more extensive surgery. Jimmie Hill, Director of Publications, had surgery last year for thyroid cancer and has been taking medicinal treatment since. He returns at the end of October for testing. Please keep both of them in your prayers for complete recoveries.
  • Did you remember that the Truth for the World Mission Forum is November 13-15? That’s just a few blinks away so we hope you are making plans to attend. You will find a personal invitation enclosed in this receipt. We would love to see you here!
  • Did you know that we appreciate you? Of course, you did!

Staff of Truth for the World

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