Thursday, December 17, 2009

December Report

Dear Christian Friend,

Why is it that things often come in threes . . . for instance, our news this month?

The Good News – Our Mission Forum went well with good attendance and even better mission reports. Plans are already being formed for next year’s event so we hope you will plan to be here the second weekend of November.

The Better News – For the third month in a row we had an increase in our nation count. Reunion, a small Island in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar, is an overseas region of France. Most people speak Creole Reunionnais there, but French is the official language. The predominant religion is Catholic with Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism also taught. These 800,000+ souls certainly need the Gospel of Christ, so we pray that the one soul who came to our website will continue to learn there.

The Best NewsJimmie Hill, Director of Publications, is now officially cancer-free! It is such a blessing to have him and Ellen Mills both now free of this disease. We greatly appreciate the prayers said on their behalf.

As the year is winding down to its last days, the Truth for the World staff wants you to know how much your loyal support means to us. We really could not do this work without you. And as our thoughts turn to next year we hope we can count on you again. We will still be about the mission of saving souls from sin in 2010.

May the Lord bless you with health and happiness during this Holiday Season and all through the New Year.

With love from our family to yours,

Phillip Gray, John Grubb, Jimmie & Linda Hill
William & Katrece Howard, Dave Komisak, Ellen Mills,
Benjamin Richardson and Kristen Underwood

Staff at Truth for the World

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