Monday, January 18, 2010

January 2010 Report

Dear Christian Friend,

With the current economic outlook we have had several donors tell us recently to drop their name from our mailing list to save the postage money. Actually, since our Update is sent via the non-standard, non-profit rate the postage is only $0.16 per copy. So we would really prefer to keep in touch with those who want to know about our work and not take this savings step.

However, there are a few simple ways that you can help us.
  • You can write the name of the specific work you are supporting on your donation.

 If you are supporting one of our staff missionaries, please write the name of his Mission Fund on the Pay To The Order Of line. Banking rules continue to tighten and some of our staff have already experienced difficulty in depositing checks written to Truth for the World. When we rewrite these checks for them there are charges at our bank.

If you want your support to go to a specific work of Truth for the World, please write that on the memo line to make processing easier and always accurate.

Naturally, if you are supporting more than one fund and prefer to only write one check, we will happily continue to disperse the funds.

  • You can send us your email address. Each paper receipt costs about $0.50 to produce and mail, but we can send you an electronic receipt cost-free. Just send us an email at telling us it is okay to switch to our PDF electronic receipt. If you do not have a PDF reader there are several available for free download online.
  • You can tell others about us. We will be happy to send you materials to help.
  • You can pray for the staff and our work. We face problems with this work daily, many of which seem overwhelming at first glance. We need your prayers.

We pray you are having a wonderful beginning to 2010 and thank you for all that you do for the cause of our Lord.

Staff of Truth of the World


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