Saturday, January 30, 2010

February Hill Mission Report

Dear brethren,

It is February and things are shaping up for 2010. I am planning my mission trips for this year and it looks like I will finally make it to Australia. Brother Gary Young has invited me to Hobart, Tasmania to speak on the Eastern Shore Lectureship which will take place from Thursday, April 29 to May 2. My topic for this lectureship is His Last Day and I will be discussing the events surrounding The Last Supper and the Agony and Arrest of Jesus Christ. I will also be doing a presentation of my work and be involved in Questions and Answers.

I am thankful to be asked once again to speak on this great lectureship. I have been asked before but have had to turndown previous opportunities. This will be my first time in Australia.

In July this year, I plan a two-part trip to Africa. Brother Yaw Boateng and I will be traveling together to Ghana, West Africa. We plan on arriving in Ghana on July 21.

On our way to Ghana, we plan to take time in London, England to visit with some Ghanaian brethren and set up some Bible studies and future mission trips. These brethren have a difficult time in England and we would like to work them with and encourage them in the Lord.

In Ghana, we plan to hold five 2-day Gospel meetings in five different congregations and make short visits during the day to area congregations for Bible studies and Question and Answer sessions.

We will arrive in Accra on July 21 and the next day take a bus to Sunyani in the Brong Ahafo Region where we will be met by the brethren. Then we will proceed to Nkoranza which will our base of operations for this evangelistic effort.

Brother Boateng and I will then part company. His vacation being over, he will have to come back to the States and back to his job. You have to truly appreciate men like brother Boateng and the sacrifices they make for the Lord and His Cause.

I will travel on to Livingstone, Zambia and arrive there on August 4 and meet with brother Ronald D. Gilbert and some other brethren. In Zambia, we will teach courses in the Zambia School of Biblical Studies, the International College of the Bible, hold Gospel meetings Siamafumba and Misika, hold Bible studies, and Question and Answer sessions.

Brethren, as you know, the cost of things has not been going down but continues to rise. This was one reason to combine the Ghana / Zambia trips. Still, it will cost a great deal and I plead for your prayerful and financial support. This is a breakdown of some of the expected cost.

Airfare and Travel Insurance for
Australia, Ghana, and Zambia ...............$ 8,200.00
Transportation, Gasoline, and Other
Traveling Expenses .................................. 1,200.00
Food and Lodging .................................... 1,500.00
Shots, Visas, Miscellaneous Items ............. 500.00


Please, if you can, help me to defray these expenses and send your contributions to Truth for the World, Post Office Box 5048, Duluth, Georgia 30096-0064 and mark them Hill Mission Fund - Trips. Please help me by giving generously toward these efforts. Thank you, in advance, for your prayers and contributions. And, as usual, I will send a full report upon my return. To God be the glory!

I will also be collecting funds for the preaching students of the Zambia School of Biblical Studies and the Siamafumba School of Bible Studies. These funds will be used to achieve the target goal of purchasing:

• 30 bicycles for faithful preachers
• 200 Tonga Bibles (native language)
• biblically based books for the libraries
• food for preaching students
• benevolent works

Brethren, this is a great opportunity to help in the salvation of many souls and to help train faithful, Gospel preachers. Thank you for your consideration. If you have questions please add a comment to this blog and I will get in touch with you.

In Christ Who Saves,

Jimmie B. Hill

Greetings from Georgia!

Is it really a whole month into 2010 already? What happened to January? Obviously, I had my eyes glued to the computer screen far too long, but creating a whole slew of new databases in a program I had never seen before mid-December has been a bit of a challenge. I still have a few issues with those, but I believe that I almost have ‘em whipped. Yeah! Next I get to finish reformatting TFTW’s 67 Gospel tracts into MS Word. Switching from Macs to PCs has definitely complicated my waking hours, but I have to admit that on the whole I love the Dells. However, you will NOT hear me singing to them.

I won’t be singing about the next bit of news either. William and Katrece Howard decided it was time to focus on other work for the Lord and resigned from Truth for the World in January. They have been a wonderful asset to this mission and, even though I will still see them frequently, their smiling faces will be sorely missed at the office.

As a result I had to spend some time this month coming up with a plan. I have often said that the women of Truth for the World are only called secretaries for want of a better word. We do whatever is needed to keep the Gospel going to the world. That rings true again as we regrouped to cover more work. Thank you, Kristen and Ellen!

Stay warm this winter.

In Christian Love,

Linda Hill

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