Saturday, April 3, 2010

Greetings from Georgia!

I'm not one to wish time away, but I was never so glad to see a month end as I was March.  "Stressful" doesn't begin to describe it!  On top of our usual active lives was the business of Jimmie closing out one mission work and beginning another.  Naturally, the heartbreak accompanying that move didn't help but we are, as we have always done, striving to focus on the positive.

And there were some positive aspects to March.  Our home congregation - New Hope Road Church of Christ - had a wonderful 5-day Gospel meeting with Adam Cozort.  We've known his parents, Keith & Cheryl, since Jimmie's FSOP days, so we were pleased to learn firsthand what a powerful preacher Adam has become.  We also attended the MSOP Lectureship for the first time in several years.   It was a blessing to hear more good lessons and visit with brethren we had not seen in a while.  Of course, having our daughter, Julie, and grandson, Cole, with us there made it even better!

Now that April has arrived we are moving forward.  Jimmie has vacated his office at Truth for the World and set up a temporary work station at home.  He is dedicating more of his time to writing and, the part that all missionaries hate, fund raising.  We have lost a great deal of Jimmie's support with this move.  We had expected that to happen but it is stressful none the less.  So Jimmie must be about the business of raising money, not only his personal support but funds for the campaign work and benevolent aspects of IBTMThat is certainly a challenge in the present economy so if you know of a congregation or individual looking for a mission work to support, please direct them Jimmie's way.

I have been working on revamping this blog to reflect the change in Jimmie's mission work.  I wanted it to have a new look, but I also wanted it to be easier to read and have more information easily available about his work.  I would appreciate your feedback.

I hope that Jimmie will be able to send a newsletter out soon, but there has been no time yet.  It will be very helpful if most of those can be sent via email, so if you currently get a printed version but have an email box, please send us your address.  Or if you have never gotten the Hill newsletter before but would like to start, the comment button below will send us a message that I won't publish if you give your name and email.  The new Hill Mission Report newsletter will probably only be concerning Jimmie's work with IBTM/ICOTB

I plan to write more frequently on this blog, so I hope you will visit.  It appears that I do love to ramble.

- Linda

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