Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Twelve years ago when Jimmie was brand new on the staff of Truth for the World, Rod Rutherford asked him to write a flyer that could be used to advertise the work.  He came up with the TRUTH FOR THE WORLD is . . . Broadcasting . . . Internet . . . Literature . . . etc. that we have used ever since in some form or another on every display table.  In 2006 when I was writing the TFTW fundraiser booklet that was eventually mailed to most of the congregations of the Lord's church in the USA, I used Jimmie's idea but added a category - TRUTH FOR THE WORLD is . . . People

People.  Why are they so often the forgotten element?  We get excited about inanimate objects or numbers on a page, past glory or brilliant new plans - and forget that it's people at the heart of any endeavor.   Any group, congregation or even nation is only as good or bad as the people in it right now. 

I was watching Glenn Beck as we ate dinner tonight - perhaps not the best choice for relaxing.  Anyway, he was talking about spiritual advisers, comparing those to the president today with those in the early days of our country.  The contrast was distressing.  Just in my own lifetime I cannot believe how moral values, work ethics and typical attitudes have been turned upside down.  In the relative scheme of time, it really didn't take too long.   How was our nation changed so drastically so fast?  Well, no doubt Satan was gleefully paving the way.  But still we had to have leaders who led and followers who blindly trotted along behind.  People.  When are we going to wake up?

- Linda

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