Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 2010 Report

Dear Brethren,              

The trip to Hobart, Tasmania, Australia is now history but truly was an edifying trip.  The theme of the 16th Annual Eastern Shore Lectureship, which was taken from 1 Corinthians 1:23, was “We Preach Christ” and is truly a great theme.  The lectures covered the topics of the Pre-Existent One, the Son of God, the Man, Christ Jesus, the Suffering Savior, and the King of Kings, Lord of Lords.  There were fifteen sermons and each speaker did an outstanding job in the presentation of what it means to preach Christ Jesus.

Every congregation needs to hear what the Bible says on this great theme and be edified by the entire life of Jesus Christ.  If your congregation would be interested in a lectureship such as this, I would be glad to take part.  Please just let me know. 

It was so good to become reacquainted with brethren that I had previously met, to meet brethren that I had heard so much good about, and to meet and get to know more brethren from this area of the world.  To work with brethren in the cause of Christ is a pure privilege.  Our brotherhood is truly wonderful.        

The speakers on the program were Ian McPherson, Allan Fowell, Brett Rutherford, Rod Kyle, Dan Cates, Ricky Gootam, Kah Hon, Glen Tattersall, Gary Young, Jimmie B. Hill, Leigh Stokes, Ritchie Ares Dona, Lawson Mayo, Shane White, and Patrick Swayne.     
There is still much to do in making preparations for Ghana and Zambia. In Ghana, brother Yaw Boateng and I will be holding five Gospel meetings in addition to holding Bible studies and Question and Answers sessions every day.  We will be working in Nkoranza and the surrounding areas in the Brong Ahafo Region.
In Zambia, Earl Alverson, Rusty Stark, Ronald D. Gilbert, and I will be teaching the books of John and 1 Corinthians in the Zambia School of Biblical Studies.  We will also be holding three Gospel meetings in Misika, Siamafumba, and Livingstone.  And of course, we will conduct classes for the International College of the Bible. 
This year we are going to take with us 4,000 plastic communion cups and 2 communion cup sets.  We are also looking for 20 good, used suits for the students and 20 good, used pairs of dress shoes, and about 50 good neckties.  We want to purchase 40 bicycles at $100.00 each and 300 Tonga Bibles at $11.00 each.  The airlines have cut back on the number of bags we can take so now we will have to pay $160.00 per extra bag.  And of course, there are always miscellaneous items to be bought and ground travel expenses.  And, with gasoline at $12.00 per gallon, it can be quite expensive.   
Brethren, if you can help with any of these items and/or expenses and/or would like to help defray some of my airline travel costs, please make out your checks to Hill Mission Fund and send your contributions to Hill Mission Fund, New Hope Road Church of Christ, Post Office Box 1334, Dacula, Georgia  30019.  May our God bless you as you give.
Brethren, thank you for continued support in our work together for the Lord.  It has been difficult, and may continue to be, but the work of our Lord must continue until He comes.  It is my hope that He will find all of us doing all we can for Him and His body to the glory of God whenever that day comes.  Whoever put the FUN in FUNDRAISING obviously never had a go at it.  However, the Lord will provide (Genesis 22:14; Matthew 6:33).
Once again, may our God bless you and grant you peace, happiness, and success in all of your Gospel endeavors according to His good will.

In Christ Who Saves,
Jimmie B. Hill

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