Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chemo #15

Today's infusion was uneventful but brought 3 tidbits of good news.

  1. First, the nurse opted to use the right arm to give the left one a break, and Jimmie remained bubble-free.  Yeah!  
  2. Another plus - Jimmie's fungal infection is vastly improved.  The prescription packaging may have given my he-man a shock, but the medicine inside certainly helped.  The package instructions said that one pill is the full treatment for candida, but Jimmie was given 4 pills to take one per week.
  3. And third, we confirmed that Jimmie is to have another scan next week to check the status of his cancer.  I definitely want the doctor to keep close tabs on it, but I can feel the pins-and-needles sensation beginning already.
- Linda

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