Friday, April 20, 2012

Small Stuff

An American author, Richard Carlson, once wrote "Don't sweat the small stuff."  Very true.  When you truly have something major in your life you begin to prioritize differently.  For instance, sweeping the kitchen floor falls way under driving 12 miles for a jelly doughnut because Jimmie said he wanted one.  Of course, sometimes the small stuff starts piling up and you have to do something about them . . . like the Christmas decorations I finally got out of the house this week.  I had ignored those boxes just as long as I could stand.
Of course, my sister coming for a visit had absolutely nothing to do with it.

There is also small stuff with this new chemo treatment that Jimmie is forced to deal with.  The low-grade headache that came with the first pill has now cranked up a notch or two.  It has been joined by occasional nausea and the taste of metal with everything he eats.  And this is just day #17 of the pills.  He takes 11 more and then gets a 2 week break.

There were new worries that started last week because Bronson, Julie and Cole (our son-in-law, daughter and grandson) all got pharyngitis with high fevers.  Bronson and Cole were both able to bounce back quickly, but not Julie.  At 7 months pregnant the doctor said there was no reason to even bring her to him since he couldn't give her anything.  So, I am very glad that she is finally beginning to improve.

But during the 7 days she had us all very worried Cole give me an authoritative but excited rundown on the phone about their rush trip to the ER  ". . . because if her fever gets too high she will cook the baby!"  

I'm certainly glad that didn't happen!  I'm also glad to have an addition to my computer file of Coleisms. Small stuff to cherish and enjoy later.

- Linda

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