Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Telemarketers Beware

Whatever happened to the "Do Not Call" List?  I had two phone calls this morning within seconds of each other that had me highly annoyed.  The first was a man who was determined not to take my "no" to his offer of a new security system.  (We have a security system.  We don't need another security system.)  He didn't accept my "no" the last time he called either so I had to hang up on him . . . again.  And the second "unavailable" call was a recorded voice asking me if I was prepared for my final expenses.  Wow, really?  A recorded sales pitch for a life insurance policy?  That was at least a first.  The Hill home phone has been on the  Do Not Call list to telemarketers since its creation so such calls are actually illegal in addition to being bothersome.

But then I thought about those two calls.  Obviously the telemarketers who use such tactics keep using them because they work on someone (other than me) so there might be something to learn there. Their goal is to make money so they are very motivated.  They offer a product that at least sounds beneficial.  And the head of their organization provides them with the tools they need - either the recording or a script to read.

Maybe we should get together a group of christianmarketers.  As Christians our goal is to save souls from hell so we should be very motivated.  We offer the best security system ever conceived - a home in heaven when we die.  And our heavenly Father provides the only tool we need - the Bible.   Since the church is a non-profit organization the Do Not Call list would not apply so we could call the world to ask, "Are you ready for Eternity?"

And maybe I should ask the next live telemarketer that question.

- Linda

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Quilting Grannie said...

That is a good idea!! Think I will try that the next time those guys from Jamaica call to tell "Josef" that he has won the lottery, publishers clearing house, etc. They have bombarded us and several other seniors in our county with calls since last summer. We don't have caller ID so we usually answer the phone. We have decided since this last rash of calls to just let the answering machine take the call. I have reported the ones I can get their phone numbers to the Do Not Call registry. They are supposed to track them down, but don't really know if they do. On our cells we do not answer a number we do not recognize. I think sometimes you just need to reregister your numbers with Do Not Call. But most of the calls from the Carribean countries and they are not under the same laws we are.