Friday, December 21, 2012

6,000 Students

I mentioned in the December issue of The Seeker (posted under the Newsletter tab) that we now have more than 6,000 students who have enrolled in our online course.  What I did not mention is that more than 4,000 of them have enrolled this year.  That number still just amazes me because we never had that many new students in any year that we were with our previous mission work.  In fact, nowhere even close.  I really don't know what has made the difference, but I'm happy that so many folks are seeking to learn more of God's Word, and that we can help.

Especially since I'm told that the world is due to end today. Why didn't I get that memo?  I asked what time, but apparently the Mayans forgot to include that in their note.

Christmas is already here for many of us (I opened gifts with my grandsons Wednesday night, and get to do it again next week.)  I hope you have a very Happy Holiday wherever you are!

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