Thursday, December 13, 2012


Do you ever have one of those days where you ask "Why?" a lot?  Mine was yesterday.  Oh, not any deep philosophical meanderings on the meaning of life or anything.  Just those small ponderings when life plagues you.  Questions like -

  • Why do I always pick the wrong check-out line?  You know, the one that takes 3 times as long as all the other ones.
  • Why am I even out in this mall nightmare when all of my Christmas shopping is done?
  • Why did I forget that Julie's birthday comes hot on Santa's heels?  Oh, well, that answers why #2.
  • Why is eating alone in a restaurant so depressing?

And then my sister called to tell me that there is now actual medical proof that dark chocolate makes a great cough suppressant.  Suddenly, I felt better . . . but I do feel a cough coming on.

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