Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Zambia Campaign

It sounds like the IBTM campaign team to Zambia had a wonderful trip this year.  You can read the report by clicking on The Seeker here.

Ronald Gilbert's wife, Carolyn, took some wonderful pictures of the trip and several of them are in  the newsletter, but I couldn't fit nearly enough.  Creating a photo album for these is definitely on my To Do List, but that list is pretty crowded so it may take a while.  In the meantime I want to share a few that intrigued me when I saw them.
One of many mobile libraries set up by IBTM. 

The most unusual chicken coop I've ever seen.
Each hen has her own little condo.

Men cooking . . . I always love pictures of men cooking.
 But when you are cooking for that many folks at once, it's hard work.

When we lived in Samoa the umu (underground oven) was considered
 men's work.  Jimmie used to get teased by the brethren for not making
one for me, but he always declared, "The microwave is the palagi's umu.

Closet space.

The new brush arbor at Siamafumba.

Complete with pews.
Searching for a cell phone signal.

Taping a television segment at the game park.
Notice the elephants in the background.

Taking home the roller meal.

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