Monday, December 14, 2015

EO Kit

Why do I keep a small pack of essential oils with me at all times? This conversation with my 3-year-old grandson, Jasper, is one of the reasons.
Yesterday Jasper found a dried kernel of something on the bathroom floor of a restaurant and picked it up, of course. I told him it was nasty so he threw it in the toilet . . . but then stood there gazing at it.

Jasper: I think I want to stick that in my nose

Me: No! That would be nasty. (Jasper just stared at me, obviously unconvinced that this would not be an exciting thing to do.) You should never stick things in your nose. They could get stuck in there and then someone else would have to get it out. That wouldn't be fun.

Jasper: If I stick a sharp knife up my nose I can just take it back out and throw it at the wall.

Me: No! No! No! You must never stick something sharp up your nose! That could hurt you. You might have to go to the hospital and you wouldn't like that.

Jasper: Well, the doctor can just take it out and then the doctor can throw it at the wall.

Yikes! I need to refill my Geranium bottle in that EO kit NOW!

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