Friday, February 5, 2016

Getting Started on 2016

2015 was an absolutely incredible year for IBTM.  With over 3,000 baptisms reported to us and 55 new congregations of the Lord's church established, it was easy to get excited.  If you haven't read last month's report then you can see it by clicking here:

The Seeker - January 2016

And 2016 is starting off just as exciting with January being another incredible month.  The newest edition of our newsletter is available by clicking here:

The Seeker - February 2016

Of course, all of this excitement makes for some rather busy days for me.  The online student enrollments took a huge jump upward as soon as the new year began - not unusual with all those New Year's Resolutions being made - but here it is February and they haven't slowed down yet.  Yay!

 I've stayed busy as well when I wasn't working with IBTM students and teachers.  I was blessed to enjoy a train ride on the Polar Express with all three of my grandsons at Christmas.

Cole and Jasper were both so impressed that they immediately wanted to go again.  In January I traveled with the whole family again for a quick weekend in Texas.  3 adults, 3 boys and a large dog driving for 8+ hours through a monstrous thunderstorm is many things, but certainly not boring.  But the weekend was wonderful.  We were attending a conference to learn more about essential oils so I came away with some good information.  Unfortunately, being in Texas meant that we missed the snow in Mississippi.  Bummer! I really enjoy watching it fall.

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