Monday, June 2, 2008

Jimmie's Bio

I am the Bible Correspondence Course Coordinator for Truth for the World. I am responsible for the Internet Bible course students and their teachers and for informing all teachers, both overseas and in the States, regarding courses, changes, and other information pertaining to the work. I am also responsible for seeing that all teachers have the supplies required for the work and laying out Bible correspondence courses and making corrections as needed. I also do follow-up both overseas and in the States for all teachers, and travel on behalf of Truth for the World to raise funds for and to promote the Bible correspondence work. I also serve as the editor for Truth for the World and am responsible for editing all publications and writing various pieces of literature as needed for the work.

I received a two-year diploma from the Florida School of Preaching in 1984 and a third-year diploma in 1986. I also received a BA in Bible from Tennessee Bible College in 1993 and an MA in Christian Doctrine and Apologetics in 1997.

My wife, Linda, and I began doing campaign work in January of 1983 and have continued to do campaigns both in the States and overseas. These campaigns have taken place in Arkansas, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, throughout the South Pacific, Africa and in Europe. I have also preached full-time in Florida, Tennessee and Georgia and currently serve as an elder for the New Hope Road Church of Christ in Dacula, Georgia.

I am thankful to be in my tenth year with Truth for the World and working with the Duluth Church of Christ. I am also thankful for their support and oversight of this work and for all that support this work. It is my prayer that God's richest blessings will be poured upon each. I am looking for continued success in many Gospel endeavors and this to the glory of God.

- Jimmie

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