Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Youngest on our Team

Cole may not be an official member of the Truth for the World staff, but he is certainly a well-known addition to the office. Since our daughter, Julie, is a part-time secretary working with both the BCC program and the broadcasting department we get to see our grandson everyday. Gran and Grandad won't complain about that! And it works out pretty well. When Julie is busy in the studio inserting the closed-captioning into the television programs Cole can choose where he hangs out.

Cole really knows his way around the office. He is diligent in pointing out the red line on the floor in the workroom that marks the "no kids" zone in front of the booklet maker - just so everyone will know that he was NOT planning to cross it. He loves showing everyone where the push carts are stored - just in case anyone wants to give him a ride. He has discovered all the best hiding places under the big tables in the mailroom and what wonderful fun bubblewrap sheets can be. And he knows exactly where the other secretary, Ellen, has the candy stashed in her office. Of course, if he ever does get bored with this adult world there are always his toys and books to fall back on.

Cole's ready smile and infectious enthusiasm for all he is learning have brightened even some of our most difficult days. He does keep life interesting!

- Linda
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