Thursday, June 5, 2008

Why I Keep Going Back

To the best of my knowledge, I have been to Africa on twelve campaigns. And, in spite of some of the rough going in the early days (coups, machine gun fire, stonings, famines, droughts, threats from the denominations, etc.), I have always enjoyed Africa. The work of our Lord has always been great.

Have there been disappointments? Yes! I remember Linda and I studying with a Catholic couple and seeing their eyes light up as they understood the Truth concerning the church of the Bible and that Catholicism was filled with false doctrines and practices. But, during their talk with their local priest, they were told that we were the agents of Satan and that they should no longer study with us. And, they would not. That is very disappointing.

Have there been encouragements? Yes! After studying the New Testament church for over two hours in the village of Ashaiman with a Presbyterian and a Muslim, they both understood the Truth concerning the One Church and the Authority of Christ but would not agree to be baptized that day. After urging them and reminding them of the uncertainty of time that each of has, they said they would be baptized tomorrow. When I asked them, one more time, if they were not ready to go to the water now, a voice from behind a tree some ten feet away, stated, “Well, I am ready to go right now!” A young man named Romeo has been listening and, without uttering a word for two hours, understood that he was lost and was baptized into Christ after just a few more minutes of Bible study. Now, that is encouraging! (The other two men did come back the next afternoon and both were baptized into Christ.)

This is why I continue to go back and work for the Lord in Africa and other places around the world. And, it is not me, it is the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To God be the glory!

- Jimmie

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Anonymous said...

I am enjoying reading your life history. God bless you both as you have and will continue to serve God in His Kingdom. We are keeping Jimmie and you in our prayers. We miss you both and wish we could be closer in distance. I could use a good shoulder at times. Take care and Lord willing we will see you in July. Love you, Bathroom Bandit