Friday, July 31, 2009

August 2009 Report

Dear Christian Friend,

How to describe July . . . Well, the first word that springs to mind is Noisy. The Duluth congregation’s annual VBS filled the air with children’s voices for 2 weeks – the first as VBS teachers arrived to prepare their classrooms and the second as the kids became “Riders of the Great Roundup”. Adding to the excitement was a group of 30 youths from the Forest Hill Church of Christ in Memphis, TN, and the Pine Grove Church of Christ in Fulton, MS. They came to assist with the VBS and tackle a door-knocking campaign. During their stay the 2nd floor of the Truth for the World building was converted to a girl’s dormitory while the first floor provided the boy’s shower facility.

Another adjective for July has to be Busy. The staff rarely has any “down” time, but last month was particularly hectic. Jimmie Hill completed his lessons for the August campaign to Zambia and figured out how to pack all of the clothing donated for the preaching students in Livingstone. John Grubb taught at two workshops – the Young Men’s Leadership Camp in Ashville, Alabama and An Evangelistic Weekend in Kennesaw, Georgia. Benjamin Richardson wrapped up plans for our next Mission Forum “Zion’s Call” November 13-15. And the secretaries just juggled dozens of duties – some typical, and some not so typical.

A third description is Stressful. You may recall that Jerry Ann Elliott, member of the Duluth congregation and mother-in-law of our Programming Director Dave Komisak, was murdered in her home on September 28, 2007. After numerous delays her accused killer was finally brought to trial. On July 20th he was convicted of Felony Murder, Malicious Murder, and Armed Robbery, then sentenced to two consecutive life sentences. Please remember this family in your prayers that they can now recover from this trauma.

The last word for July is definitely Thankful. We are pleased to have young people coming up in the church who are willing to work for our Lord. We are grateful for technology that allows us to do more work with fewer hands. And we are blessed to have wonderful, faithful friends like you helping us in this work of spreading the Gospel. Thank you!

Staff of Truth for the World

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