Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Hope Road Picnic

We've been having an annual picnic since New Hope Road began 6 years ago. The previous ones have been on the church property since we had plenty of room to spread out for volley ball, softball, etc. But when we built our new church building that big field disappeared, so this year our picnic was at the brand new Harbins Park just down the road. Great choice!

There was a huge pavilion,

a great playground for the kids,

nature walks for the hale and hearty explorers,

even a crochet class.

But most of us stuck to the real purpose of picnics - eating and greeting and just relaxing.

William gave new meaning to the phrase
"slaving over a HOT stove"!

The food and fellowship were great!

Our elders eldering.

Whadda ya mean it's a whole year before the next one?!

Thanks Dorothy (and Marc) for organizing a great day . . . even if you did forget the catsup!

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Dorothy said...

Thanks Linda for posting the pics! Marc and I enjoyed ourselves also and look forward to next year's NHR picnic. But we can't take all the credit--Shenyne helped plan the meal too. And, I'll try not to forget the catsup (and mayo) next time. S-O-R-R-Y!