Thursday, March 11, 2010

For the past few years the women of Truth for the World - called secretaries for want of a better description - have been sending out a newsletter 4 times a year to those who support our salary fund.  I act as editor for this letter and end up filling whatever space is left after the other ladies do their thing.  I don't usually post my article here - afterall, I am rehashing the same news - but today I think I will.


These past few months have reminded me of an old Clint Eastwood spaghetti western – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. That theme song seems to be stuck in my head.

A huge chunk of my day is spent on the computer so when I boot up:

The Good – New computers that actually compute rather than entertaining me with little circles of spinning color every time I give it a command.

The Bad – Converting endless files from Mac to PC . . . still not done.

The Ugly – Creating almost all of the new databases, then learning that MS has a built-in limitation on text field size that I can’t alter. This dramatically affects some of the information transferred and creates a massive headache. Aaugh!

I’m also hearing that famous whistle when I consider our Truth for the World staff:

The GoodKara McAfee has been a sparkling beam of sunshine!

The Bad – Loosing William & Katrece Howard. Both are sorely missed.

The Ugly – Learning that our small staff is soon to be smaller still. Jimmie Hill is leaving March 31st, and Benjamin Richardson will be gone by the end of May. 

As Jimmie’s wife I will also be leaving eventually, but probably not for another year. His exciting new mission work will be more efficient if we relocate to Tennessee, but many things have to happen before we do that.

Please keep the staff of Truth for the World – past, present, and departing – in your prayers.

- Linda

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