Monday, March 1, 2010

March 2010 Hill Mission Report

Dear brethren,

I began work with Truth for the World in September of 1998. It has been a good work and a work that, I believe, has been very profitable for our Lord. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Bible correspondence course teachers and students from around the world and sharing with you, through the printed page, what Truth for the World has done in the past and planned to do in the future in our work together for the Lord. Our God has been very good to me in this work and I certainly give all the glory to Him.

However, in this twelfth year of the work, another opportunity has come to me, an opportunity that will allow me to spend more time in the mission field and make personal contact with the students which I have communicated with so often through the years. I have been invited by brother Ronald D. Gilbert, Director of International Bible Teaching Ministries to take part in this work. I will also teach in the International College of the Bible.

Ron and Carolyn Gilbert

I have worked with brother Gilbert many times since he started mission work in 1992 and truly appreciate him and his determination to advance the cause of Christ and preach the "Great Commission." Just last year, we worked together in Zambia, Central Africa. We taught classes in the Zambia School of Biblical Studies, in the International College of the Bible, held Gospel meetings in the Siamafumba and Misika regions where we preached to over three thousand people and 50 were baptized into Christ and 276 were restored to the body of Christ, purchased 30 bicycles for faithful preaching brethren, distributed over 100,000 Gospel tracts, and over 200 Tonga Bibles. International Bible Teaching Ministries is a work that does much good for the body of Christ and our preaching brethren overseas. In this work, I will take 2-4 missions trips per year and be able to encourage our faithful preaching brethren in Africa, and other nations, on a face-to-face basis and personally oversee the distribution of the materials they need to carry on the work of our Lord in their areas.

International Bible Teaching Ministries is a ministry that teaches and helps establish schools of preaching. It helps in purchasing bicycles for schools of preaching and faithful Gospel preachers so that these men can go and preach and teach the Gospel of Christ throughout their areas. It also helps in purchasing Bibles in the peoples’ native tongue for those who cannot read English. It prints and distributes Gospel tracts for teaching and study, assists preaching students by purchasing their food and supplies while they attend school, supplies books for libraries that the preaching students need for their schooling, and also supplies benevolence for those who are in need. And, of course, it teaches the Gospel of Christ. It teaches those who have never heard the Good News before and those who want to learn more.

Working with International Bible Teaching Ministries, and the International College of the Bible will allow me to help these students to go beyond the basic lessons they have learned with Truth for the World and gain a deeper understanding of the Bible. I will have opportunities to teach in schools of preaching overseas and also be able to teach our brethren abroad biblical, college level courses to take them beyond the fundamental teachings of the Bible (Hebrews 6:1,2).

Teaching in this way has long been a desire of mine. I thank the Lord for this opportunity to do so. Therefore, I have tendered my resignation with the Duluth Church of Christ and Truth for the World effective March 31, 2010. Please do not misinterpret my intention in affirming the basics of New Testament Christianity. My future actions will confirm my continuing dedication and faithfulness to our Lord and His cause (Luke 19:10) just as my past actions have done.

Truth for the World is a good work and I am thankful to have been a part of it for so long. I pray that Truth for the World and the Duluth Church of Christ will do well in their work of spreading the Gospel and that according to God’s good will. But I believe that I can do more for the Lord in International Bible Teaching Ministries and that is my first priority.

I have prayed about it many times, long, hard, and earnestly. If you wish to support me in this new endeavor please note that my new sponsoring congregation will be the New Hope Road Church of Christ. Please start sending your contributions now to:

Hill Mission Fund
New Hope Road Church of Christ
Post Office Box 1334
Dacula, Georgia 30019

I need your prayers in these tough economic times.

It is my prayer that our God continue His richest blessings on you and grant you peace, success, and happiness in all of your Gospel endeavors according to His good will. It is also my prayer that I can count on you.

In Christ Who Saves,
Jimmie B. Hill

Greetings from Georgia!

2010 has already become a year of many changes at Truth for the World. William & Katrece Howard resigned in January. Benjamin Richardson, Director of Broadcasting, was notified by the Duluth eldership on February 23rd that he is being dismissed, and now Jimmie’s announcement that he is leaving his dual-positions as Director of Publications and Coordinator of Bible Correspondence Courses. That last was a tough decision, but I believe it was the correct choice. However, since we will be remaining in this area for the present I plan to continue my job as office manager with TFTW.

Jimmie and I have both put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this mission work during the past 12 years. We want it to continue “taking souls from hearing to heaven”. We want it to bring glory to God. Sadly, the work here has been hampered in various ways the past few years. Now with the departure of so many of the staff it will be even more difficult. But this is still a worldwide mission work with materials that are leading lost souls to Christ, so I will continue to do what I can to get those materials to them.

Please pray for the staff of Truth for the World and for Jimmie’s new work with International Bible Teaching Ministries.

In Christian Love,
Linda Hill

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Our prayers are with you all! We miss you!