Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ghana 2010 - #2

Jimmie just called from Nkoranza!  I don't know if you find that surprising, but I was actually startled.  We had both expected him to be completely out of touch once he headed into the heart of Ghana.  I'm pleased to learn that technology has spread once more. 

Now if only it would improve the roads and buses.

I have no idea what the bus looked like that Jimmie and Yaw were on today - other than I'm pretty sure it was not an air conditioned Greyhound.  I looked online for a bus to Nkoranza and this is what I got. 
Unfortunately, Jimmie said that their bus broke down, adding to an already exhausting day.  A trip that looks like less than 200 miles on the map I have ended up taking longer than their flight from Atlanta to Africa. 

But they are there at last with little time to rest.  Their first Gospel meeting starts tomorrow.

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