Sunday, July 18, 2010

On the homefront . . .

I can't believe we have not posted anything to this blog since Jimmie's return from Australia!  What could we have possibly been doing?

Actually, the last few months have been unusually busy - and I know “busy”. Since Jimmie joined IBTM we have hardly had time to sleep. The short list includes:

Fundraising – Always a thorn in the flesh of any missionary but mission work doesn’t get done without it. Jimmie has autographed enough letters to qualify as a celebrity.

Visiting – We made many weekend trips through AL, MS, GA and TN to supporting congregations, and will happily make more when he returns from Africa.

Moving – Jimmie now has a work office set up at his sponsoring congregation, New Hope Road – but first he had to help renovate the building!

Preparing our house for market – It was shocking how much work that was, but it is now listed for sale.

Scouting – We took a couple of days looking around the Cookeville, TN area to get a better idea where we want to find a new home.

Working with IBTM – We gathered suits, shoes, communion cups, hymnals, etc then delivered them to TN so that Ron Gilbert can take them with his baggage. (Since Jimmie flies to Ghana first taking them with him would be a customs nightmare.) Jimmie also signed diplomas, discussed future plans with Ron, and prepared 5-week’s worth of lessons for his Africa campaign.

Celebrating – Our grandson, Cole, turned 4; we marked 37 years of marriage; and Jimmie’s latest checkup showed that he is still cancer-free!

In Christian love,
Linda Hill

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