Friday, July 30, 2010

Ghana 2010 - #3

Isn't technology wonderful?  I remember so many campaigns in years past when Jimmie would board a plane for Africa and just . . . disappear.  Communication was somewhere between "difficult" and "impossible" so I would have no idea how he was faring until he walked through the airport gate again.  I am so glad the world has changed in that respect.

Jimmie has called a couple of times since arriving in Nkoranza just to say everything is okay.  The calls were super brief (technology is still expensive, unfortunately) but today I managed to keep him on the line long enough to get some information.  He and Yaw have been conducting what Jimmie called a traveling mini-lectureship.  The general format each place they go is for Jimmie and Yaw both to preach and then they hold a question and answer session.  (Jimmie has talked about these Q & A sessions before.  They often last longer than the preaching.)  They have been averaging 3 of these a day - 25 so far and still more scheduled - so they are on the go from morning til night.  The emphasis is to edify the brethren, but they have also had 6 baptisms.

Makes me tired just thinking about it, but I must say that Jimmie sounded happy on the phone. 

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