Thursday, April 28, 2011

South Pacific Campaign - Day #3

Today was an absolutely glorious day to catch a first glimpse of Tasmania.  The forecasted nasty weather languished somewhere else so Hobart had beautiful blue skies, brilliant sunshine, and just enough "cool" in the air to make being outside where you wanted to be. 

The view of Mt. Wellington from the front porch of the church building.

Of course, we were inside most of the day because the annual Eastern Shore Lectureship began this morning.  This year's theme is a study from the minor prophets.  Gary Young, Ian McPherson, Brett Rutherford and Allan Fowell all had  outstanding lessons.  In the afternoon Ron Gilbert had been scheduled to give a report about the mission work he and Jimmie do together with IBTM, but since he is still stuck somewhere in Airport Land (hopefully that is now Melbourne), Jimmie was a last-minute replacement.

Jimmie telling about the work of IBTM

After the last day-time session Jimmie needed to exchange some currency and I needed to locate a post office, so our hostess organized a caravan and led the way.  I have failed to mention that we are staying with Garrett and Kate Leitch and they are truly wonderful hosts.  They have opened their home to many of us who have come to the lectures.  A bit later we headed to the airport again with Kate to pick up Ron & Carolyn, only to be met with an announcement as soon as we walked through the terminal doors that once again they were stuck on a delayed flight.  So we all turned around and headed back to the church building for "Tea", aka "Supper".  Jimmie and Garrett returned later and got the Gilberts who arrived just in time for the last lesson of today's schedule.  I know they are very thankful to have this leg of the journey over at last.
After the evening lesson a large contingent of the lectureship crowd - Jimmie included - honored a long-standing tradition and headed over to "Mackers" (aka McDonald's) for a snack and more fellowship.  I opted for home and bed and was sound asleep within minutes.

Things I learned today:
  1. Hobart time is 14 hours ahead of Georgia time.  6:30 in the morning local time here is 4:30 in the afternoon YESTERDAY back home.
  2. In order for a sandwich to be considered a truly Australian sandwich, it MUST have a slice of beet root on it.  I tried it at lunch today - delicious!

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