Friday, April 29, 2011

South Pacific Campaign - Day #4

I had forgotten how much I like hot tea with milk and sugar in the morning.  I could easily become a convert from coffee.  Joanne & Tony Cronin, Aussies from the mainland, also introduced me to a new breakfast idea - muesli, yogurt and freshly grated apple combined the night before.  Very good!  This idea is definitely going home with me.

Today's speakers - Glen Tattersall, Kah Hon, William Howard and Jimmie - brought more great lessons from the minor prophets.  William actually spoke twice since he also gave a report on the Four Corners of the Earth campaigns he began a few years ago to target areas of the world that little or no mission work is being done.  Jimmie and I both have been impressed with the lectureship here, from the organization to the lessons presented.  It is excellent.  And the ladies of the congregation are feeding everyone twice a day - lunch and tea - which is a tremendous amount of work.    Unfortunately, I'm still battling exhaustion and a nasty cough.  I took the last of the antibiotics for my sinus infection the morning we got on the plane in Georgia and feel like I am over that at last, but can't get rid of the cough yet.  Very annoying.  But everyone here is so friendly and outgoing, obviously thrilled to see old friends from different parts of Australia and very happy to make new ones from the USA, that it is an absolute joy to be here.

Things Jimmie learned today:
  1. If you plug the camera battery charger into the wall BEFORE you first attach the voltage converter, it fries very quickly.  Guess we'll be buying some AA batteries soon.

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