Monday, April 18, 2011

Wedding Trip

Stepping onto the plane bound for Australia is just one week away!  But before I rush into panic mode with packing and other last minute campaign preparations I want to pause a moment to share a major event in our lives - our daughter's wedding. 

The future Mr. & Mrs. Roper had opted to have a church wedding, but the location was really the only traditional element about it.  As the two of them pooled their ideas, most of the plans they laid out were completely new to me.  Vintage antique I could understand, but a touch of steampunk . . . What is steampunk?  Still, it all came together beautifully.  I don't have wedding photos yet so I'll just have to say that lighting the auditorium with candles and 28 antique hurricane lamps gave the afternoon ceremony a gorgeous glow.  Jimmie officiated, Hal Roper (Bronson's father) lead a prayer, and our grandson, Cole, was absolutely delighted to escort the bride down the aisle.  Many of the ladies had come armed with Kleenex (I started crying during the rehearsal so I knew I would be in trouble without them!), but when Bronson stepped away from Julie following their vows to make additional ones to Cole, even some of the men needed them.  It was truly a beautiful and unique wedding.

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Kristen said...

Oh I wish we had been there to see it!