Friday, October 28, 2011


Wednesday was an exceptionally trying day.  In addition to 3 puncture wounds, Jimmie came home from the hospital with all his ribs bruised and a shoulder smashed by the CT scanner.  So Thursday there were not very many places on his body that didn't hurt.  Ouch!  To make it even more fun the radiologist was not able to get a good sample of tissue from Jimmie's lungs so after a hurried phone conference with the hemotologist he did a kidney biopsy instead. 

But even with Wednesday's worries there were still blessings, like -
  • Jimmie's lung was punctured twice but didn't collapse (we had been warned several times that it might). 
  • Some wonderful friends stuck with us until I could bring Jimmie home
  • Our daughter and grandson arrived.  An exuberant 5-year-old in the house always does wonders.
- Linda

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yay for Cole