Friday, June 29, 2012

39 Years

June 29, 1973 -

I can hardly believe it has been 39 years today since this picture was taken.  Time truly does fly when  you are having fun.

This has been a particulary exciting week.  Yesterday our second grandson was born - 5 days late just like his mother, and adorable just like his big brother.  His name is Jasper, a well-known name is Jimmie's family since it was shared by his father, grandfather and greatgrandfather.  (It skipped Jimmie which is another story entirely.)   When I excitedly reminded Cole that he got the baby   brother he asked for he quickly corrected me. "I didn't say baby brother, I just said brother."  Later he agreed wholeheartedly that he liked Jasper, then continued, "but it would be better if he  could talk."  Ha!  I had long suspected that Cole was envisioning a slightly older version of a sibling than what was arriving.

What arrived today was our wedding anniversary, but I never expected to be celebrating quite as we did.  We spent the majority of the day in the Emergency Room of the local hospital here.  Jimmie began coughing up blood yesterday and it continued early this morning, so his oncologist in Georgia wanted him checked out immediately since such can be one of the more serious, life-threatening side effects of the chemo Jimmie is taking.  Being so far from home complicated matters a bit, but the hospital staff were running in circles very quickly.  They were literally standing in line outside his exam room waiting to do things to him.  Inside of 2 hours Jimmie had been jabbed 4 times, X-Rayed, EKGed, Cat Scanned and had an IV of antibiotics started.  We left there another  2 1/2 hours after that exhausted, semi-frozen and not knowing anything more than when we arrived.  But there has not been anymore blood since early this morning so we're praying it was something that has passed and won't show again.

- Linda

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