Tuesday, June 12, 2012

CT Scan

Jimmie had a new CT Scan Monday morning at the crack of dawn . . . okay, so 9:00, but we had to get up at the crack of dawn to be there since we had to first go to his oncologist for more blood work.  Naturally, it had to be before the scan since Jimmie gets injected with dye that would do crazy things to the blood work.  Poor Jimmie.  I think that made 4 needle jabs today.  But maybe the CT machine made up for that.

Most of Jimmie's previous scans have been at the imaging center in an auxiliary building  for the hospital, but they were booked today so we had to go to the hospital proper.  Since the two centers are both run by the same hospital I would have expected things to be pretty much the same, but Jimmie declares they were quite different.  Of course, paying to park is different.  And their procedures were all different.  But even the scan was different.

Jimmie had gotten used to the clear, calm recorded American voice quietly giving directions to patients in the other CT machine, so he was surprised when this one suddenly issued very energetic, enthusiastic commands.  Even more so since those commands came with a strong Australian accent and phrasing.  At least it kept things more interesting.  But Jimmie mimicking that voice on the way home?  That made getting up at the crack of dawn worthwhile!

- Linda

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