Thursday, June 14, 2012

Phone Call

Phone calls from doctor's offices tend to make me tense.  In our experience if the doctor calls you out of the blue bad news quickly follows.  Well, we got such a call yesterday that was an exception to the rule.  We did not get any details yet, but the doctor's assistant called just to say the report on Monday's CT Scan is GOOD.  The cancer has shrunk!  We will get the full report next Monday, but we are rejoicing today.

We are also rejoicing because Jimmie started his 2-week break from the chemo yesterday . . . apparently just in time.  This past weekend Jimmie developed a new side effect from the medicine that was scarier than the rest have been, internal bleeding.  We didn't realize at first that's what it was so we didn't call the doctor until late Monday (as luck would have it, just minutes after the nurse's line closed for the day.)  So on Tuesday when the nurse was telling me on the phone that Jimmie had to come in right away and not to take any more of the chemo, Jimmie had already swallowed his last pill of this round.  And on Wednesday with no medication, the bleeding stopped.  We just pray that particular side effect doesn't crop up again.

- Linda

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