Thursday, September 3, 2009

Zambia 2009 Pictures - Misika. .

When Jimmie described Misika as out in the bush he meant it literally. The "buildings" pictured here were constructed from brush just for this 3-day Gospel meeting.

But children get curious and excited everywhere, and always seem to find a way to have fun.

Ron Gilbert makes annual trips and the kids remember, so they wanted to greet him.

The church building at Misika - too small to hold the crowd of almost 1,000 so it became sleeping quarters for many of the visitors, including Jimmie and Ron. That's a stack of mattresses leaning against the back wall.

Taking a lunch break. A typical meal every day in Zambia was enshima and collards, or enshima and beans, or enshima and soup. The side "relish" varied but enshima is a staple. It is made from ground corn rather like finely ground, thick grits for us Southern folks.

The brush arbor used for the lessons.
Brush buildings are easy to construct with materials readily available, so this is typical for large meetings in Zambia. Unfortunately, they come with all the dust and bugs that were already present.
Notice the PA system - a bull horn.

Jimmie preaching at Misika.

One of the baptisms.

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