Thursday, September 3, 2009

Zambia 2009 Pictures - Livingstone

They say a picture is worth a thousand words . . .

Zambia School of Biblical Studies
Livingstone, Zambia.

These 2 buildings have it all - classroom, office, library, kitchen, dining, student dorms and a small apartment for visiting instructors.

Jimmie teaching in classroom

Lunch with the students

These instructors at ZBOBS were also students in Ron's school, International College of the Bible, an accredited distance learning program. They graduated with an MA in Bible.

Jimmie with ZSOBS

Jimmie and Ron did a lot of teaching and preaching while in Zambia, but there was more to do as well.

Ron sorting through the Bibles, books and other Gospel materials they took for distribution.

The clothing donated by loving brethren in the States to be given to the preaching students

And, of course, there were bicylces to buy. Walmart hasn't made it to Zambia yet so it took many days and many shops to find the number of bicycles needed.

These are heavy-duty bikes built to ride the rough, dirt roads the young preachers will need to travel.

By the end of August Jimmie and Ron had managed to purchase and distribute 30 of these bikes - due to the wonderful generosity of brethren back home.

Just a few of the new bicycles. The brethren were very happy to receive this useful tool for their work of spreading the Gospel.

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