Sunday, May 1, 2011

South Pacific Campaign - Day #5

Ah!  The blessing of sleep.  Jimmie and I have both been waking by 4AM each day since our arrival, but this morning I was at last able to go back to sleep.  It sounds very strange to say that Jimmie has been sleeping better than me (the guy with frequent insomnia) but that has actually been the case since my knee surgery.  Getting a couple of extra hours last night really helped.

This morning's speaker - Patrick Swayne and Ritchie Dona - were excellent.  After lunch Jimmie, William Howard and Allan Fowell fielded questions in the Open Forum.  There were some great questions and very interesting discussions.  Then began the photo session to snap pictures of the 13 speakers and the 82 in attendance.  Some of the preachers in the crowd had to head for home congregations right after that to be there for Sunday.

We had a couple hours break until the evening tea plans, so Kate drove some of us on a short sight-seeing tour.  She found us some spectacular views of the harbor at Hobart.  Then it was on to Salamanca (the old harbor area of Hobart) and an evening meal at La Porchetta.  Jimmie and I shared a pizza called The Lot - and it definitely had a little of everything thrown on, from anchovies to shrimp.  Kate Leitch's organizational skills were impressive once more since she had put everything together.  69 of us at the restaurant yet everything went smooth as silk and we all had our food in no time due to her hard work beforehand.  Next we topped off the evening's fellowship with a stop for ice cream at Mure's.

Back at the Leitch's home we discovered that they are a 3-guitar family . . .  so Jimmie, Ron Gilbert and Tony Cronin were soon jamming in the living room. 

Today was fun.  Why does the world usually view Christians as boring?  I've often heard Jimmie say that Christians should be the happiest people in the world - and I agree.  And some of the happiest times are in the company of like-minded brethren no matter what accent they speak.

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