Thursday, January 5, 2012

Good News

The mystery pain is explained at last. 

For almost 4 weeks Jimmie has been dealing with a thin, straight line of pain across his chest that, at times, has been fairly severe.  The oncologist thought surely it was a result of all of Jimmie's insides being jostled about during surgery.  The surgeon was sure it was not and suggested the possibility of acid reflux.  All kinds of theories have been batted about our house, but I kept saying it must be related to the chemo since they both started on the same day.  Today the pulmonologist was quite emphatic.  The pain is being caused by the fluid in the bottom of Jimmie's lungs . . . and the fluid was probably caused by the chemo, not pneumonia.  Chalk one up for the wife!  Better news - the pain has been decreasing so things must be getting better. The fluid now is minimal so the doctors will just check his lungs with another X-ray in 6 weeks.  And the best news - Jimmie doesn't have to puff on that breathing contraption anymore!

- Linda

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