Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chemo #7

So far Jimmie has breezed through this latest chemo treatment.  He had the usual chemo headache this morning, of course, but he has been as busy as a bee all day.  I think I'm getting tired just watching him.  It truly is marvelous seeing him come back to his usual, energetic self.

The doctor continues to be amazed at his progress as well.  Yesterday, as he came into the room with blood results in hand, the first words out of his mouth were, "Are you the same man?"  EVERYTHING (other than those levels related to the anemia) was within the normal range and looking great.  And they are confident that a few more iron infusions will bring that up to where it needs to be.  Another plus - yesterday the doctor also recommended Jimmie start taking some aspirin for the inflammation (pleurisy) in his lungs from the fluid.  Already today he can take a deep breath with much less pain.

I hope these improvements are an indication that the remaining cancer in his lungs and abdomen is being whipped.  But even if it is unchanged in the next scan, at least this return to health will give him more strength to fight.  Your continued prayers will be greatly appreciated.

- Linda

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Anonymous said...

Love to hear good news! Still praying!