Monday, January 30, 2012

The Cancer Club

Jimmie remarked yesterday about how nice everyone is at the chemo infusion center, and they are.  Of course, the people working there are very kind and helpful, you expect that.  But Jimmie was talking about the other patients.  Since you go pretty much the same time every week you tend to see the same people there treatment after treatment.  Some are obviously veterans of the chemo trip.  They come with their backpacks and blankets and go right to sleep.  But others are very friendly, offering a smile of encouragement and a chat to pass the time.  Jimmie called it being in a club.  The Cancer Club.  It isn't a club we ever wanted to be in, but the members are terrific.

In our culture far too often we stay isolated from strangers and never reach out.  Why does it take a devastating illness to make us friendly again?

Last Friday's chemo was #8.  Tomorrow Jimmie goes for a whole body scan to see if the treatment is working.  We will not get any results until Friday's regular chemo appointment.

- Linda

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