Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome 2012!

2010 was a traumatic year due to the work at TFTW imploding.  2011 was disastrous due to Jimmie's health issues.  So, we are really looking forward to 2012 being better.  So far it is.  Jimmie told me yesterday afternoon that 2012 was great because he had perfect church attendance!  Personally, I was even more pleased because 2012 found Jimmie back in the pulpit preaching.  He had missed preaching far too long.  It was wonderful and very inspiring last night to hear him speak on the Providence of God.

Jimmie breezed through this weekend without getting sick from the last chemo or the iron infusion.  What a relief!  The foot swelling came back and the skin rash on his arms spread a bit further, but in comparison those are minor ill effects from the cancer meds.  Still, it would be nice if we could beat those, too.

- Linda

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