Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Good News!

Dear brethren,

Below is a letter that brother Shawn Elliot, one of Truth for the World’s Internet Bible Correspondence Course teachers, received from one of his students. This student obeyed the Gospel of Christ. As you read this letter, please keep in mind Matthew 10:34-39.

Brethren, this is just one example of what our work together can do for the church of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The letter is as written by our brother in Christ, Justice Chidi, of Nigeria and sent with the exception of a few corrections for smoothness and understanding.

Thank you, so much, for your support of our work with the Duluth Church of Christ and Truth for the World.

In Christ Who Saves,
Jimmie B. Hill

Dear Brother Shawn,

I called you brother because, I was told immediately after my baptism that I am now a brother in Christ in the household, so you are a brother in Christ to me now. In fact, I was so excited during the event, everything was like a dream to me but its real, I am now born in Christ, I know this decision and what I have ventured into isn’t going to be an easy task considering my background and former religion as a Muslim with all around one practicing.

Already, my parents were not comfortable with the news and are threatening. But I try to let them understand that Christianity is the ultimate. Yesterday, when I came back from church worship which was very interesting, I couldn’t find my LAPTOP computer. It was a gift by my dad last year for my birthday, now he has seized it, because he knows its what I use to communicate and study with you.

Now I now have to travel several kilometres to an Internet business center to write you and send the response to studies. He said the only way he will give me back the LAPTOP is when I forget about Christianity and that if I don’t adhere to that as at yesterday that he will deal with me and disown me.

I had to leave the house because, my little sister confided in me secretly that my dad plans to lock me up and deal with me. I had no choice than to move into brother Hope, the preachers house for now. I know God will see me through.

Please pray for me and continue to encourage me. I can never forget you because what you have done for me is more than Gold. You have lead me to where I will get salvation and get eternal life. I am grateful.

I was able to get some pics and I am sending them to you including the one I took when I was being baptized attached to this email. The first was taken when I was in water with preacher Hope Alozie for baptism. The 2nd is I and 2 other new converts and the 3rd is a group photographs of members of the congregation. Please give my greetings to your wife and kids. Lesson 6 is ready for your grading.

I hope to hear from you soonest.
Yours In Christ,


Greetings from Georgia!

I can’t believe that Iceland is now less than two weeks away! April 14-29 is rushing at us like a freight train, as the saying goes. But I think I am on track. My lessons are almost complete, I’ve gathered extra materials to take to the sisters there, and I have learned a few words in Icelandic. I have also gotten lots of warm clothing – probably more than will fit in my suitcase. But I really hate being cold and William Howard tells me that Iceland has stayed under the freezing mark for the last week. Actually, at this precise moment it is 31 in Reykjavik and snowing, with winds 18 – 20 mph making a wind-chill of 22. Excuse me while I go find another sweater . . .

March was filled with other activities as well.
• Jimmie flew to St. Charles, Missouri, to speak to the West End Church of Christ. They have a wonderful group of BCC teachers there and it sounded like he thoroughly enjoyed the trip.
• Jimmie also wrote a new issue of Equipping the Saints on the subject of Giving. It has been uploaded to the TFTW website, Volume 18.
TFTW Broadcasting completed a new DVD focusing on our work and staff, including Jimmie and me (cringe!) Being on camera is not one of my favorite things, but Dave Komisak managed to catch us all. If you would like a copy to show to your congregation, just let us know.
New Hope Road Church of Christ, our home congregation, began a 4-day Gospel meeting March 29th - April 1st. I don’t believe I have ever been to a Gospel meeting before where the elders of the congregation did the preaching, but Jimmie and Kieth Fields are doing a terrific job. Of course, I will admit that I could be just a tad prejudice – but not much.

Please keep the Howards and Hills in your prayers as we work in Iceland. My hope is to give frequent updates during the trip on our Hill Mission blog, although right now I am not sure how readily accessible the Internet will be. But if you are interested, check our page and I will write as often as I can. I hope you have a safe, warm Spring!

In Christian Love,
Linda Hill

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