Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We have arrived safely and IF I can figure out this Icelandic computer keyboard I will tell you some of the short journal I dotted down during the flights.


While waiting for takeoff I was laughing at some of the strange and ridiculously expensive items for sale in the Sky Mall magazine. Jimmie smiled, "You don´t get out much, do you?" Suddenly it dawned on me that this was my first flight since our Samoa campaign in 2005. So, yes, I was fairly excited. I have always loved flying. Well, really just the takeoffs. I still find that moment when you go from whizzing down the runway to soaring into the air absolutely amazing. How is that possible? Add to that the beauty of getting a bird's eye view of God's creation through great mounds of white clouds dolloped below us. Of course you also have to balance that with cramped seating, crying babies, screaming kids, TURBULENCE, the boredom of not being able to read or even look at the Fasten Seat Belt sign without getting motion sickness, andthe onset of total exhaustion. Actually, these long campaign flights can be totally miserable.

Jimmie, seasoned world traveler that he is, was asleep before the plane finished backing away from the gate.


We have a 5-hour layover but "Boston" just looks like another series of buildings with planes parked outside. I can state this as an expert on the airport because we saw it ALL. Our hunt for the International Terminal turned into an excruciatingly long and confusing search filled with twists and turns like running a maze plus changing levels repeatedly for reasons that cause me to suspect the designers had a mean streak. All of this is hampered by a broken wheel on my large carry-on meaning that we now have 3 bags that have to be carried rather than pulled . . . because the airport push carts can't be taken from one terminal to the next. Again, thoughts on the designers. We never would have made it from Terminal A to E if William & Katrece had not volunterily taken on an extra load. They were so sweet.


16 hours after leaving our house in Dacula we got our first glimpse of Iceland. There isn´t a trace of white anywhere except the hazy mountains tops off in the distance. As we landed all I could see was shades of brown mud. A very short nap and we are off in search of breakfast.

PS William Howard set up a blog for this trip just before leaving Georgia. You may want to check it out.

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